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RTC Series Pump

Capabilities of RTC Series: Submersible Channel Pumps

The RTC Series submersible channel pumps are designed for maximum hydraulic efficiency and superior solids handling capability.

These pumps are engineered to provide reliable and effective solutions for high-flow applications, combining robust performance with advanced design features to meet the needs of demanding environments.



Performance and Technical Details

  • Type: Submersible channel impeller pump
  • Material: Constructed from wear-resistant materials to withstand harsh conditions
  • Flow Rate: High capacity pumping capable of handling large volumes of water
  • Solids Handling: Efficiently transports solids and reduces the risk of clogging
  • Energy Efficiency: Optimized for low energy consumption while delivering high output

Features and Operational Benefits

  • Durable Construction: Built to last with heavy-duty materials that ensure long-term reliability even under tough operating conditions.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Designed with accessible components for quick and easy servicing, minimizing downtime.
  • Advanced Sealing Technology: Equipped with superior sealing mechanisms to prevent leaks and protect motor integrity.
  • Automatic Operation: Comes with float switches for automated control, ensuring efficient operation without constant monitoring.

Applications Suited for RTC Series

  • Flood Mitigation: Ideal for managing water levels in flood-prone areas, effectively controlling and reducing flood risk.
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants: Crucial for the transportation of large volumes of effluent with solid contents, ensuring smooth plant operations.
  • Mining and Quarrying: Handles the drainage of water laden with solids typical in mining operations, providing dependable pumping solutions.

Agricultural Irrigation: Suitable for irrigation systems requiring extensive water distribution, enhancing agricultural productivity.